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Founder's Corner

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The first book I ever read was about a boy who grew up in the projects and became a millionaire at age 14. That book changed me irreversibly. Growing up in New Jersey's inner city, I experienced scarcity: scarcity of resources, of enterprise, and support. I thought to myself, if this kid who looked just like me could turn scarcity into abundance, then so could I. More than that, I could help those in my neighborhood do the same.

From then on, entrepreneurship and impact became an obsession. It was clear to me that the key to growing with limited resources was tapping into an innovative mindset to make something out of nothing. In high school, I started my own marketing and promotions company out of my parent's house. By the time I was in college at Howard University, I had started a non-profit called Billionaire Dreams, dedicated to engaging inner-city kids in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and true business ownership.

Billionaire Dreams partnered with NFTE to expand our impact and encourage the students we worked with to dream bigger, aim higher, and break free from the circumstances they were born into. If I could do it, I told them, so could they.

In building LUX, I've always kept a clear vision in sight: that we - my community, clients, and firm - will rise together. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted my firm - my legacy - to be bigger than me. Today, I want everyone who joins our LUX community to share a piece of our success with the abundant resources and support to drive their own vision into reality.

This is my dream. I can't wait to hear yours.